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PALAZZO – decorative acrylic facade covering with stone effect. Palazzo allocates exterior of your home among others, has excellent strength characteristics. It allows you to get a variety of texture on the surface. Specially designed for facades decorative coating. Due to synthetic fillers and reinforcing fibers contained in the composition PALAZZO, besides excellent decorative effect, the coating has excellent strength characteristics. The special structure of the material provides a variety of texture on the surface. PALAZZO will highlight the exterior of your home, among others, to create a unique atmosphere of the Mediterranean.

  • It is easy to repair and restore
  • Hides the defects in preparation of the surface
  • Withstands cleaning with alkaline cleaning agents
  • It has high strength
  • High resistance to atmospheric agents
  • It resists to the formation and development of surface cracks

Technical characteristics:

  • Applications: facades, interiors
  • Composition: mineral and synthetic fillers, reinforcing fibers, acrylic copolymers
  • Solvent: water
  • Specific gravity: 1.45 kg / l at t = 20 ° C
  • Dilution: water up to 10%
  • Packaging: 15 kg
  • Storage: at least 1 year at t from 5C to 30C
  • Consumption: Basecoat PALAZZO – 1,2-1,7 kg / m2 (depending on the selected application technique) or 0.7-0.9 kg / m2 per one layer (RIO technique)
  • Protective coating: Varnish D-105 8-12 m2 / l (one layer) or water repellent D-16 from 10-12 m2 / l

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